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Please review the Policies, Rules and Fee Schedule prior to submitting your application.

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* The rental fee includes security personnel and liability Insurance coverage 

** Kitchen usage requires additional fees, which are determined based on usage and time

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Payment Information

A deposit is required equal to 25% of the full rental fee within a week of LMCC accepting your application.

The full rental fee must be paid two weeks in advance of the event date.

Payments must be made via credit card

For Community Events special arrangements may be made for cash or check payments, with the approval of the LMCC Executive Director

Fee Schedule

Not sure what rental type you belong to see descriptions below.

Up to 2 Hours
Up to 4 Hours
Up to 8 Hours
Community Event
Nonprofit Free
Nonprofit Pay
Commercial Free
Commercial Pay
Up to 2 Hours
Up to 4 Hours
Up to 8 Hours
Community Event
Nonprofit Free
Nonprofit Pay
Commercial Free
Commercial Pay

Types of Rentals

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Community Event 

Birthday & Anniversary parties; repasts (wakes) for those from the LMCC community 

3 person icon with a heart
Nonprofit Free 

Events held by other nonprofit organizations, churches, etc. where no entry fee is charged 

A ticket icon with a heart
Nonprofit Pay 

Events held by other nonprofit organizations, churches, etc. where an entry fee is charged 

An icon of a briefcase
Commercial Free 

Events held by companies, professional firms, etc. where no entry fee is charged 

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Commercial Pay 

Events held by companies, professional firms, etc. where an entry fee is charged 

Additional Information

Fee Inclusions 

All rentals include Insurance and Security fees. Events deemed by LMCC to require additional security personnel will also have to pay in advance for the number of additional security personnel deemed appropriate by LMCC for the event. 

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Recurring Rentals

Community or Organization rentals of more than three dates (i.e. basketball leagues) will receive a 15% discount on the total rental fees. 

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Kitchen Usage 

Additional fees may be charged depending on how the lessee wants to use the kitchen facilities. 

Facility Rental Policies, Rules and Agreement 

Facility Rental Policy 

  1. Anyone wishing to rent the facilities of the LMCC (LMCC) shall submit the Facility Rental Application (the “Application) and abide by the rules and regulations, as stated in the Rental Agreement and Rental Rules of Use (the “Rules of Use”) and sign the Rental Agreement.
  2. Lessee will provide a deposit prior to being placed on the Schedule of Rental Activities (the “Schedule”). The deposit and all other payments must be made via credit card. This is to cover LMCC in the event of any damages caused by renter.
    a. The LMCC Executive Director may allow payment via cash or check for Community rentals only. However, in these cases, the lessee will also be required to pay a $75 Security Deposit in addition to rental fees. 
    b. A deposit of at least 25% of the rental fee must be paid in order for the event to be placed on the Schedule.
    c. The full fee, plus any Security Deposit, must be paid no later than two weeks in advance of the event. 
  3. LMCC has the right to deny usage of the LMCC facility for any, or no, reason, including but not limited to activities which are deemed to be not conducive to the goals and mission of the center and/or may risk the integrity of the facility, or are of a commercial nature. 
  4. Once the Schedule is set, no one shall alter the Schedule except in the event of an emergency.
  5. The Schedule will be published on the LMCC website. 
  6. Refunds are permitted on events cancelled at least one week in advance except for Community events, which may be cancelled within 24 hours of the event. Otherwise, there will be no refunds, unless LMCC must alter the Schedule for an emergency, weather conditions or government mandates. 

Rental Rules of Use 

  1. No tobacco use on the property. 
  2. No intoxication or inebriation is allowed during the use of the facilities. 
  3. All activities must be confined to the gym/room that is being rented. 
  4. No hanging from the basketball hoop rim. 
  5. Only LMCC chairs and tables may be used in the faculty, unless approved by LMCC 48 hours prior to the start of the event. 
  6. Do not drag items over the gym floor as it may result in damage to the floor. 
  7. Expenses resulting from damage will be charged to the lessee. 
  8. Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision at all times during the use of the facility. 
  9. The full length of the rental time is determined by the times contacted for, and you must not exceed your time limit. 
  10. The LMCC is not responsible for personal property left behind, lost, or stolen anywhere on LMCC property. 
  11. Lessee is responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition it was at the beginning of their rental. Lessee will be charged for expenses involved with repairing any damage or cleaning, should lessee not adequately clean the facility.

This will be signed and dated by you and the LMCC representative after your application is accepted.

Rental Agreement  

This agreement is between LMCC (Lessor) and the undersigned (Lessee), for the use of the LeMoyne Community Center (LMCC) facilities, namely the gymnasium, meeting room, entryway, restrooms and kitchen. The lessee agrees as follows: 

  1. The lessee understands and accepts responsibility for any damages done to the facility, and/or equipment used during their use of the facility and accepts financial responsibility for repairs and/or replacement for such damage, which will be charged to the credit card used for with the rental application.
    a. If a Security Deposit was paid it will be returned to the Lessee provided no damages were incurred and the facility was left in clean condition (as it was at the beginning of the rental). 
  2. The lessee and all who are included in the use of the requested facility shall hold LMCC free and without harm from any loss or damage, liability or expense that may arise during, or be caused in any way by such use of the facilities and all LMCC property. LMCC shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any injuries sustained, or caused, by any person during the rental. 
  3. Generally, facility use is restricted to the areas described and times listed herein, with a 30 minute buffer on each end. For example: a listed time of 8:00 to 10:00 means that the lessee cannot arrive before 7:30 and must vacate the building by 10:30. 
  4. The lessee is responsible for the supervision of their group and for seeing to it that the attached rules, regulations, and ordinances, as well as those posted in the gym, are obeyed. Groups may be required to have adequate adult supervision. 
  5. Drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, intoxication and fighting are not permitted on the premises. Furthermore, LMCC reserves the right to immediately end any event and/or remove any participants, if any of these exclusions are violated. 
  6. Smoking and tobacco use are not permitted anywhere on LMCC property. 
  7. The lessee agrees that in addition to this document, they have read the Rental Rules of Use and agrees to abide by, obey, and be bound by them. 
  8. This Agreement, the Facility Rental Application, and payment of fees as specified therein must be presented to LMCC via the LMCC website, by mail, or in person before reservations can be approved. Upon acceptance by LMCC, the event will be placed on the Schedule and the facility will be available for use at your scheduled time. 
  9. LMCC reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time for any, or no, reason. 
  10. Rental Cancelation and Refund Policy: 
    a. No refunds will be granted if applicant cancels an event with less than one (1) week of notice of scheduled date, with the exception of Community lessees who can cancel up to 24 hours in advance.
    b. If LMCC cancels the reservation, then the facility use applicant will receive a full refund.

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