The Lemoyne community center 

American Girl Book Club

In this program, girls will follow a curriculum learning about cooking and storytelling of other cultures.

About the

American Girl

The American Girl Book Club began in 2010 as a “let’s see if this works” program featuring the stories of the American Girl historical dolls collection, and it has been going strong ever since. It is offered as one of the enrichment classes in our Homework and More program. 

The goal of the American Girl Book Club is to promote a love of reading while simultaneously studying various periods in American history. A signature component of American Girl is taking a trip to places connected with the era and storyline of the featured doll. 

Activities are planned to bring the storyline to life which not only helps emphasize what we’ve studied but also creates memories that will last a lifetime. For instance, we have traveled to Santa Fe, NM (Josefina), Richmond, VA (Addy), New York City (Molly), Colonial Williamsburg (Felicity), Cape May, NJ (Samantha), and Detroit, MI (Melody), to name a few. 

American Girl is funded through donations and member fundraising efforts including our Annual Dinner Theater presentation where family and friends are invited to a play starring our girls about the featured doll. Dinner is provided using authentic recipes from the specific era studied. Monies raised are used for travel expenses, hotel costs, meals, entry fees, and other incidentals so that no girl is left out of the trip because of family hardship. In fact, we only ask that families provide spending money. 


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