WCCF Day Of Giving Approaches

Boost the power of your donation!

The Washington County Community Foundation’s (WCCF) Annual “Day of Giving” is coming on Sept. 12th.  Each year we ask friends of the LeMoyne Center to make contributions through this event because we will receive all the designated contributions, PLUS matching funds provided by WCCF!

To donate prior to Sept. 12th, you must print out the WCCF Donation Form, fill it out, write a check to WCCF and mail it to them.  Note that the LeMoyne Center is listed on the back of the form, in the second column about a third of the way down.  Write your donation amount beside our entry.  You can donate online, but ONLY on Sept. 12th, between 8 am – 8 pm at www.wccfgives.org

Thank You for Your Support!

a plan for community engagement and impact

To enhance our capabilities to maximize each child's potential and better serve our community, a three-phase plan to evolve the LeMoyne Community Center is envisioned for the future has been put into effect.

Phase one is complete. An addition to the Center, made possible by stimulus funding,   houses classrooms and conference rooms. The second phase will include an inter-generational sports arena where all ages with varying levels of sports abilities can assemble. Finally, the third phase involves construction of a building to house programs that will advance workforce opportunities by providing job training and employment placement consulting.

The Center is now used to operate the Community Action Southwest Head Start Program for low-income children. Our Center has come full circle from the days of a special teacher, Miss Pearle Harris, and her desire to give underprivileged preschoolers a "head start."

contribute to the lemoyne community center

keep our center strong for generations to come

There are many ways to help. One is to give the gift of time. Our volunteer teachers, mentors, and helpers are the very heart of our Center. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Financial gifts enable the Center to expand and enhance community-based programs and purchase much needed furniture, equipment and supplies. Your contribution can help our Center change and improve lives, resulting in healthier families, neighborhoods, and communities.

The LeMoyne Community Center is an IRS Code 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that relies on your continued interest and financial support. Your donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission:

The Lemoyne Community Center is developing, shaping, defining, and stabilizing our community with education, arts, health, and recreational programs.